“For from you the message of the Lord has echoed forth…”| 1 Thessalonians 1:8

In place of our normal devotional, tune into Facebook Live tonight at 7:00pm to hear a special message from our Student Pastor Mike Bream related to the Legacy Campaign and pray along with our students.

Prayer Journal

  • Take time to listen for God’s voice. How is He prompting me today?
  • What is my response?

Wednesday Prayer Points

Legacy Campaign

  • Review Hillside’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement below. Pray that people at Hillside will see how the Legacy Campaign and building this children’s building and paying our debt down accomplishes our Mission and Vision Statements:

Hillside Mission Statement – “To help people discover who Jesus really is and become just like Him.”

Hillside Vision Statement – “To be a church where every person has an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to Eternal Living Now, so that God’s will and ways are carried out in our everyday lives, our community, and the world.”

  • Pray for people to be involved in our 21 Days of Prayer and our 24 Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting to seek God for how He would want them to respond to the Legacy Campaign.
  • Pray as we provide every week to every group at Hillside lessons/discussion items related to the Legacy Campaign and Pete’s sermons. Pray for God’s Spirit to lead in the discussion around the campaign.
  • Pray that we can have 70% participation in the campaign. We currently have around 800 households that give to Hillside during a year so our goal is to have around 500 households make a promise to the Legacy Campaign.
  • Pray that we can have $5 million promised the weekend of March 3-4 to be given over the next 1,000 days (3 years).
  • Pray for First Fruits Sunday on March 25 that we will take our largest offering ever at Hillside so we can begin the building process in 2018.

Ministry Specific: Children’s Ministry

  • Pray for the kids as they learn what it means to give and sacrifice for the future.
  • Pray for our Servant leaders as they teach these lessons.
  • Pray for the leadership team as we dream about what life will be like after the new building is built. We will only have a few years to plan for the move and all the changes that will be required to accommodate the growth that will come with the new building.