If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” | Joshua 24:15

The message today is simple. We’ll hear it on repeat for 24 hours, from 24 different voices leading us through these prayer times together. The message is this: God is on the move in the life of our church. And the question is: What part will I play?

In the beginning of Joshua 24, God recounts for the Israelites all the ways He provided throughout their history. He shows how He kept them safe and brought them into the land He promised to Abraham. He shows how He fought for them and blessed them; how He stuck it out in faithfulness even when they themselves were unfaithful.

And after God finishes reminding them of all He’s done, Joshua presents the people with a clear choice. He basically says, I can’t decide for you what sort of commitment you should make here. But in light of what God has done, I know I can’t divide my affections or my allegiance. So as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Before we begin to pray today, let’s share some personal stories of what God has done in our own lives through the life and legacy of this church. The commitment we’ll make together this weekend is a very personal one, and each family will have to discern how God is leading them to give. But as you prayerfully consider what that looks like for you, remember that every sacrifice we make is always “in view of God’s mercy” (Rom. 12:1).

Prayer Journal

  • What are some personal ways you’ve seen God move in your own life throughout the life and legacy of this church?
    -Take time to listen for God’s voice. How is He prompting me today?
  • What is my response?

Friday Prayer Points

Legacy Campaign

  • Review Hillside’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement below. Pray that people at Hillside will see how the Legacy Campaign and building this children’s building and paying our debt down accomplishes our Mission and Vision Statements:

Hillside Mission Statement – “To help people discover who Jesus really is and become just like Him.”

Hillside Vision Statement – “To be a church where every person has an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to Eternal Living Now, so that God’s will and ways are carried out in our everyday lives, our community, and the world.”

  • Pray that we would learn to be joyfully sacrificial as a congregation. That sacrifice would not be drudgery, but a true joy.
  • Pray as we provide every week to every group at Hillside lessons/discussion items related to the Legacy Campaign and Pete’s sermons. Pray for God’s Spirit to lead in the discussion around the campaign.
  • Pray that we can have 70% participation in the campaign. We currently have around 800 households that give to Hillside during a year so our goal is to have around 500 households make a promise to the Legacy Campaign.
  • Pray that we can have $5 million promised the weekend of March 3-4 to be given over the next 1,000 days (3 years).
  • Pray for First Fruits Sunday on March 25 that we will take our largest offering ever at Hillside so we can begin the building process in 2018.

Pray for the specific details of the building process:

  • That the building would be finished speedily and in God’s timing.
  • That the costs would stay low and there wouldn’t be anything too unexpected.
  • That we would find a good contractor.
  • That the timing of the new road coming in would be perfect and not disrupt.