Psalm 37:4-5

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord…”

What does it mean to “delight” oneself in the Lord? I never knew until I read past the famous verse 4. Our end of the deal is not quite as simple as “delighting” in God. We don’t get the A+ or the new car or the less stressful life from simply finding joy in Christ. We must commit our way to the Lord, “our way” being our desires. Only when our deepest wishes are in line with God’s kingdom are we truly delighting ourselves in him, and only then are our desires worth granting. Delight, desires, and our way are all referencing the same thing in these verses: our heart. Our heart, the rawest reflection of our walk with Christ, must be aligned with God’s heart before we can read this verse with meaning.

Louie Giglio comments on this verse, saying “when a person shifts his or her affection away from objects and to God (and knowing him through Christ), he or she finds that the Almighty supplants that which is less worthy of pursuit and becomes the only true goal and source of satisfaction.” For, as we well know but often forget, objective desires such as good grades or fancy cars or even a simpler life (when not submitted to Christ’s will and kingdom) can never fully satisfy us. We must allow the Lord to change our hearts (and thus our desires). To delight in Christ is to submit to his replacement of our old wants with the more deeply satisfying longing for closeness with him. That was, after all, the original want of the human heart. We were wired to seek him.

Now comes in God’s “end of the deal,” if you will. What sets Christianity apart is that it’s not all on us. Aligning our hearts with Christ isn’t something to add to our endless to-do list, it’s something to work daily with him on. When we display this longing for his way and his ultimate fulfillment, the desires of our heart (which will then be meaningful and eternally-focused) will be given and we will be full. All we have to do is rest in the truth that he will change us if we want to be changed.

Therefore, what are you desiring that is “less worthy of pursuit” and must be supplanted with a longing for Christ (Psalm 139:23)? The change starts in your heart and works its way out, so be patient and delight in committing your plans to the plans of the giver of abundant life.