At Hillside we believe that you need more than the weekend service to become like Christ. One of the best avenues to grow in your walk is to have community in your life.

Community is a group of people that you grow in your daily walk with God together. We call these “life groups”, and life groups can be made up of people that share common interests, are in the same chapters of life with kids or relationships, or are united through strong friendships.

At any time, we have over thirty life groups active, and our Leadership team works hard to connect you with the right group of people to fellowship and enjoy life together.

Below are some of the types of groups we offer, and we would love for you to fill out the form on the Groups Form Page to let us know how we can connect you with community at Hillside.

– Community
– Married without Kids
– Married with Young Kids
– Married with Teens
– Empty Nesters
– Mixed
– And More!
– Young Adults (18-34)
– Single Adults
– Fostering and Adoption Group
– Riders of the Heart (Motorcycle/Study Group)
– Shooting Club (Multi-Generational/Family)
– Men
– Women

Dave Bream