We have incredible opportunities for students and parents alike to become a part of HSM.

Small Groups

We offer several opportunities to get involved in a small group as a student. We have groups that meet during service on Sundays, and we also offer Dteams in which groups meet on a more flexible schedule. These groups are a great opportunity to engage in fellowship and discipleship.

If you are a student looking to get plugged in with Echo, email us.

So you wanna get involved with HSM as a leader?

Here are 5 big ideas that we want you to think about…

  • Be present: show up predictably, show up metally and show up randomly
  • Create a safe place: lead the group, respect the process and guard the heart
  • Partner with parents: cue the parents, honor the parents and reinforce the family of our students
  • Make it personal: live in community, set priorities and be real to our students
  • Move them out: move them to someone else, move them to be the church and move them to what is next

Leadership Opportunities

  1. Food or Visitor Team: This is entry level leadership where a leader commits on an an as-needed basis and helps with the concession stand or helps set up and tear down for activities. This is an ongoing yearly commitment on a scheduled basis.

  2. Crowd Leader: This is a leader that is involved in weekly services and events where a leader will come out to youth on Wednesday or Sunday and connect with students by engaging with them in conversation and helping the students answer tough questions. This is an ongoing yearly commitment on a scheduled basis.

  3. Small Group Leader: This is the highest level of leadership in Hillside Student Ministry where a leader is able to facilitate small group meetings consistently with their few students during the month, keep in touch with the students throughout the week, and is an August through May commitment.

For information or inquiry regarding getting involved, please contact Mike below.

Mike Bream