Hillside has always had a special place for singles in our community. Pastor Pete
himself was raised by a single mother, so we know first hand how difficult and
challenging it can be. Hillside has positioned itself to be a safe place and supportive
community for all singles, whether you need support or not! Here’s a look at what’s

Singles Care Group

Whether you are 19, 99, or anywhere in between, we want to make sure you are on
our singles group list so you are made aware of all the opportunities and resources
available. We know you might not have a lot of time to engage but we want to let
you know what’s going on if the opportunity presents itself to be engaged. Our
Singles Care group hosts various dinners and game nights throughout the year to
provide community at critical times. They organize the Christmas Blessing Tree and
Back to School Back Pack events to help with seasonal financial burdens. They
provide a community for resources, support and a direct line to our care teams to
help out in times of need. Every Single, whether divorced, widowed, or never
married, can be on this list. No commitments, just community.

Singles Life Groups

Looking for a little more community, commitment, and regularity? Join a Life group
and join weekly or bi-weekly community gatherings where you can grow spiritually
with others as you have fun, support one another, and build more personal
relationships with other singles. We currently have two groups to choose from.
Our younger group is for those 19 – 30, although we’re not rigid on demographics.
Typically more college and career minded, these folks meet regularly and go
through a bible study or similar material together and plan social activities at
various times.

The older group is generally 25 – 50+ but again, we just want you to feel
comfortable in the group you’re in so ages are just guidelines. These folks regularly
socialize, study together, and find themselves supporting one another as they go
through life’s challenges.

Summary and How to Connect

Our Singles Life Groups support our Singles Care Group and the Singles Care Group
supports our Life Groups. Simply put, Hillside values Singles. By working together
we plan to be here for you in times of need, and to foster a healthy singles
environment at Hillside every day of the week.

Let us know if we can get you connected! Just contact us below and we will get you to the right place.

Dave Bream