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Our team has been hard at work planning, praying, and visualizing an expansion to our physical campus to make room for the growth of our local body. Below, you will find a video walk-through and a handful of graphics that illustrate the plans for our future.

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Legacy Dates

  • February 11th, 2018: 21 Days of Prayer Begin • We will launch a 3 week prayer initiative this day to help focus our hearts on God. This 3 week endeavor will include unique devotional content, Facebook Live interactive prayer moments daily, and finish with a 24-hour time of prayer as a church on the night of March 2nd, 2018.
  • March 3rd & 4th, 2018: Promise Weekend at Hillside • We will pledge on this weekend our giving contributions toward this Campaign based on how God has led us.
  • March 25th, 2018: First Fruits Sunday at Hillside • This day marks our first day of giving toward the Legacy Campaign. Our hope and prayer is for this day to be the largest day of giving ever at Hillside.

Below you can find a gallery and video of illustrations highlighting the architectural plans for the expansion. Last but not least, you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Legacy Campaign to assist you as you learn and think about being a part of this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do we begin construction on the expansions? It depends on the total amount of promises and the money raised from First Fruits Sunday on March 25th, 2018. The hope and desire is to be able to break ground in late 2018.
  • When will this expansion be complete? Our estimation is that once we make a decision to move forward, it will take 18 months to complete the project and occupy the building (6 months pre-construction and 12 months construction).
  • How will our ministry to families be affected as a result of moving to the new ministry areas? A primary goal of the project is to eliminate the portables and move all of those children into the main building. The children will be closer to their parents in spaces designed intentionally for Children’s Ministry.
  • How will having the new facilities expand our ability to reach more people? Simply put, the expansion will allow our Children’s Ministry to function more effectively each week. Moreover, having all of the young children in the main building will be more convenient and give parents greater peace-of-mind. This is not trivial as the overall church experience can be negatively affected by our current facility arrangement, particularly on bad weather days. Although the expansion is aimed primarily at children, the new facility will also provide more and better meeting spaces for adults to pursue ministry activities of all types.
  • Will the project accommodate future growth? The expansion will contain ~23,000 square feet of space which is considerably larger than the combined portable space of ~7,500 square feet. This will provide room for growth not only in the Children’s Ministry but across all ministries of the church. In addition, our parking lot will be expanded and a more efficient flow of traffic will be created.
  • How will the Legacy Campaign funds be raised? We have several options regarding giving toward this campaign. Cash can be given via envelope with designation on the envelope that the donation is for the campaign. Checks can be given with the word “Legacy” or “Building” or something similar in the memo. You can also give one-time gifts to the campaign or set up a schedule of giving online through Planning Center. Or, you can give stocks, bonds or other assets to this campaign. See our Give Page for full details on all of these options.
  • How long do we have to fulfill our Campaign commitment? The Legacy Campaign will last 1000 days beginning on First Fruits Sunday (March 25th, 2018). First Fruits Sunday will likely be the largest gift-giving day of the Campaign. The timing of construction will be dependent in large part on how much money is raised on that day.
  • I have been giving to the Siteline Building Fund, will I need to give to both Siteline and Legacy? No, the Legacy Campaign will replace Siteline for the duration of Legacy. However, please continue to give to Siteline until First Fruits Sunday (March 25th, 2018) as Siteline is the source of funds for making mortgage payments on the existing facility. After that date, Legacy funds will be used for the mortgage payment.
  • • What is the financial goal for the Legacy Campaign? Our goal is to raise a total of $5 million. These funds, along with some cash already on hand, will cover construction of the expansion, furnishing and equipping the expansion, mortgage payments on the existing facility (for the duration of the campaign), and a principle repayment on our existing mortgage amounting to 10% of the balance.
  • Will we still have a mortgage on the existing main building after the Legacy Campaign? Yes, but our $5 million goal includes a principle repayment amounting to 10% of the current mortgage balance. We have been, and will continue to be, proactive in paying back the loan.
  • Will we add to our debt with this building expansion? No, the goal of the campaign is to not only complete the expansion without adding debt but to pay down 10% of our existing mortgage principle.
  • How big will this building expansion be and what ministries will be utilizing the new expansion? The expansion will cover ~23,000 square feet. On Sunday mornings, it will be used for our Children’s Ministry (specifically ages newborn through 1st grade). During the week, it will be used for Women’s Ministry, Kid’s Life, Kid’s Life Jr., and various other meeting and events.
  • Will the new project fit on our current property? Yes, the expansion is located where we expected it to be based on the master plan completed over 10 years ago (prior to construction of the main building). Our property has some topographical challenges but this project helps ensure that we are making the best use of every square foot we have been given.
  • What kind of professional outside help have we enlisted as the church plans for expansion? Shanks Architects in Dallas was hired to design the expansion and we have retained Kirk Nowery and Hope Partners Resources to guide us through the campaign process. We also consulted a civil engineering firm to help the architects evaluate our unique topographical challenges.
  • Will the road construction expanding Park Vista/Ray White impact attendance? The road project is expected to have little or no direct impact on our construction project. However, the connection of Ray White to Golden Triangle and its subsequent expansion to four lanes will increase traffic and heighten the visibility of Hillside’s campus. We expect this to have a positive impact on attendance.
  • Will we lose parking during construction of the expansion? The exact logistics of parking and traffic during construction have not been worked out. It is certain, however, that we will lose access to the gravel parking lot on top of the hill and perhaps some other parking during certain phases of construction.

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