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I’m Interested In Being Baptized


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On Baptism

We understand baptism to be only for those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and that it is an act of obedience by those who subject themselves to His sovereignty.

We believe baptism symbolizes the spiritual cleansing and conversion of believers and is thus an essential part of one’s faith but does not in and of itself save.

We baptize by immersion, and honor other modes of baptism (sprinkling, pouring etc.) as long as it occurred after personal belief in Christ and was understood by the one being baptized. Otherwise we re-baptize.

Children may be baptized, as long as they are old enough to understand and receive the gospel, are able to give testimony to others of their faith, and are given permission by their parents.

As a biblical rite of initiation into the body of Christ, baptism of believers is considered a prerequisite for joining the membership of the church.